Cupping therapy is an alternative form of medicine that was developed in ancient China. It involves the usage of either special cups that create suction upon the body that helps relieve pain, inflammation, and stimulates blood flow. Inner Qi Wellness offers cupping with the choice of either glass or silicone cups; glass cups involve the use of a flame to create the suction required while silicone does not require heat to begin the suction process. Cupping is used by athletes such as Michael Phelps and is known for reducing injuries as well as a quick recovery from injuries.It may also leave marks due to the suction of the cups creating bruise-like circles on the treated area. Inner Qi Wellness offers cupping therapy for any means whether injury related or relaxation purposes. For more information about cupping therapy, be sure to check out the article below.


Tui-Na treatment is a hands-on body treatment that involves kneading, rolling, brushing, rubbing, and pressing between the body’s joints in order to open the eight gates that can release the body’s natural defensive chi as practiced by the ancient Chinese practitioners. Tui-Na allows for the energy to move freely within the muscles and can renew areas of acute pain or soreness. Inner Qi Wellness Center is able to evaluate your needs and can adjust the Tui-Na treatment based on your pain and discomfort in the afflicted body region.